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Apprenticeship Opportunities

The IBEW Local 9 and Middle States Electrical Contractors Association Outdoor Electrical/Line Maintainer Program will be accepting applications for two weeks in June.  Please click here for full details.  Please call (708) 235-2960 for further information. 


  • Don't forget to turn in your Evaluations at the end of the month.
  • Remember to call if you are going to be late or absent.
  • Make sure to check your email.

Congratulations to the Graduates of the Lineman Training Program, Class of 2019.

Ramiro Alcantar               
Kelvin  Cunningham
Daniel Hamilton
Zach  Jones
Lee Anne Marino
Jameka  Prince
Leslie  Simington
Kenneth  Baldridge
Phillip  Deutsch
Timothy  Hanson
Bryan  Karl
William Messer
James  Raines
Chris  Smith
Andrew  Barcal
Eric  Dripps
Larry  Harvey
Raymond  Keigher
Michael  Milnamow
Jesus  Ramirez
Willie  Spearman
Richard Becht
Jerry  Fialka
Michael  Hines
Ryan  Kelly
Chris  Morgan
David  Robinson
Joshua  Strong
Benjamin  Brennan
Alexander  Gasiamis
Lawrence  Holst
Nicholas Kirby
Russell  Myers
Albaro  Romero
Joshua  Taylor
John  Carpenter
Breea  Gilbert
Nicholas  Howson
Jonathan  Koperniak
Thomas  Peceny
Nate  Schmidt
Kevin  Trenkamp
Richard  Carter
Eric  Gonzalez
Jerome  Hudson
Kelly  Larys
Thomas  Pennington
Ryan  Schmude
Neal  Vaisvilas
Phillip  Cavaliere
Robert  Graf
Reginald  Ingram
Brett  Lysik
Thomas  Peterson
Derek  Schoenhoff
Robert  Vargas
Adrian  Contreras
Jakob  Haefs
Kyle  James
Paul  Marchese
Phillip  Pleotis
Joseph  Seng
Alonso  Vega
John Hughes Cody Johnson
Nicholas  Verda
Richard  Wilson
Gerado  Zelaya