Hello Everyone,
I hope you and your families are doing well during these difficult times. Here is the latest update regarding the school closure. The school will remain closed with a tentative date to reopen on May 4th. I would like to remind everyone this date is subject to change. Please follow us on Facebook and our website for further information. Finally, on behalf of Local #9, I would like to wish everyone a safe and healthy next several weeks. Together we will beat this, stay strong!

Local 9 IBEW and Middle States Electrical

Contractors Association

Journeyman and Apprenticeship Training Center


The Local 9 IBEW and Middle States Electrical Contractors Association (MSECA) Journeyman and Apprenticeship Training Center is only available to members of IBEW Local 9. From the time a person working under Local 9 first applies for membership to well into their journeyman’s career, the Training Center offers a wide variety of technical and specialized training in all aspects of the work covered under the jurisdiction of Local 9.


A prospective member’s first experience with the Training Center comes when application for membership is requested. All applicants are required to complete Safety education classes at the school before membership is granted. After becoming a member of the IBEW, registration for the Lineman Training Program is then completed.


LTP class is typically scheduled once a week. However, there are certain segments that require students to attend several sessions per week. 


All members can register for any of the Continuing Education courses offered at the Training Center throughout the year. Upon registering for a class, the member is placed on a waiting list for that course. The name is then entered into a computer database that generates a pick list. When the course becomes available, prospective students are contacted according to their position on the list.


All courses offered at the Training Center are designed with both classroom and hands-on instruction. Final exams all have a written and practical component and students must successfully pass both components. 


Joint Apprenticeship Committee

Bill Niesman, Joint Committee / Trustee

Michael Knutson, Joint Committee / Trustee

Bill Nightingale, Joint Committee / Trustee

Sean Hughes, Joint Committee

Gary Misicka, Joint Committee/ Chairman

John Burkard, Joint Committee / Trustee

Kevin Schuster, Joint Committee / Trustee

 Dennis Carduff, Training Director